This is a blog dedicated to our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy, Riley. He was just 17 months old when he was diagnosed with Syringomyelia. We are DETERMINED to over come this, make his life as rich, full and amazing as it was going to be before we knew of this diagnosis. We hope that other doggie mommies and doggie daddies out there who also have a baby with SM will be able to use this as a source of information and inspiration in their own personal journey through and to the other side of having a family member with SM.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The end of the taper...

It's been a great few months on the steroids.  Since my last post, over two and a half months ago, Riley has never missed a meal and he continues to eat ravenously.  Actually, he's kind of a pig!  He can't stop the food thing.  He even whines and cries a bit with excited anticipation at meal time, watching us prep the food.  It's a bit rude and we're attempting to correct the misbehavior but, frankly, we're so thrilled that he gobbles up all of his food, we almost don't care!

The wasting that he's had is almost completely reversed.  As you can see from this recent photo of him, his facial wasting is completely gone; 

He has followed the taper to the end and after Friday night he will have no more.  Dr. West said that, typically, if a dog would have a "rebound" in his symptoms, it happens at the point when we go from daily dosing to every other day dosing, and that was almost a month ago.

There is no doubt that his "air scratching" symptoms from his COMS/SM is definitely up from what it was a few months ago at the beginning of the steroids, but it's not any worse than it has been for the past few years prior to the "incident" and flare up last September.

We are so very grateful to be starting off 2013 with our boy, back to his normal self.  

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  1. I'm glad to hear that Riley is eating well, even to the extent of being called a pig. My sister's dog was just diagnosed with this as well. I'm getting sucked into your blog and reading all about your experience. Hopefully things go as well for her dog.